A Hi-Tech design

The Hi-Airbag Connect’s jacket is controlled by a microprocessor in the lower back. Positioned to be as closely as possible to the center of gravity, it ensures in real time, and once activated through its clip, two motion control functions and gives the triggering order. First there is the gyroscopic function, which acts as an angle sensor and detects the unusual positions of the body. Then there is the accelerometer, able, also in real time, to detect the strong breaks of the speed. Recalculating constantly the information it receives to determine the pilot environment, the combination of critical thresholds causes the pulse required to activate the airbag jacket trigger system.

A CE and EPI approved jacket

Designed in an abrasion-resistant textile, the Hi-Airbag Connect’s jacket is equipped with a zip closure and three clips to ensure a perfect positioning. Easy and quick to adjust, it also has a very fast triggering of 140 milliseconds guaranteeing an optimal protection :
Shock sensor : 20ms
Inflation time : 84ms ( Montlhéry UTAC Test )
Its design enables it to protect all exposed areas of the body: spine, kidneys, hips, thorax, lungs, pancreas, abdomen, stomach, liver, cervical. Thanks to its characteristics, it gets a CE and EPI approval as a safety equipment for the pilot.